A Real time price comparision service

Millions of dollars are being funded to some of the top shopping websites in India, the recent being that for Amazon India. These shopping sites n turn, provide products at discounted rates to attract more customers. So if you are planning to buy anything online, do not forget to compare product prices between these shopping sites before finalising.

If you compare, you could end up with the best deal for sure.
You could use free service like Click and Compare, a simple but powerful multi-site search engine, which lets you search any product with just one click amongst the top Indian shopping websites like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Paytm, Rediff, etc..

Steps to use this free service
1. Click here to open ClickandCompare website
2. Enter the product name that you want to compare
3. Use the mouse to click the 'click with mouse pointer' button
4. A small popup window bar opens with the list shopping site names
5. Simply click on each one by one the browser will navigate to provide you real time search results
6. Use alt-tab to focus back to the popup window bar and click on more shopping websites links.

Unlike other many other price compare sites, this does not take you to any sponsored price listing. So you get genuine best price compare. 

Free WiFi at Mumbai Railway station from Google

A free high-speed public WiFi service was recently launced by RailTel in collaboration with technology giant Google at Mumbai Central station. This is first of its kind in India and also termed
as 'World Class'. Railwire WiFi will be available to any user who has a working mobile connection on a smartphone.

Google aims to provide free WiFi to over 10 million people by end of the year and expanding the service at 100plus railway stations spread across India.

Commuters can access this free service through an active mobile connection on their smartphones and connect to it by following these four simple steps:

1. Select “Railwire” network from mobile phone connection settings Open browser and enter the following URL “railwire.co.in”
2. Enter active phone number in the Wi-Fi login screen to get an SMS
3. The SMS will have the 4 digit “OTP” code
4. Enter the OTP code in the Wi-Fi login screen and go online.

The only catch here is, the WiFi service is free of charge only for the first hour of usage; after the first hour, commuters will be charged somewhere between $0.37-0.44 (INR 25-30) per hour. This is to ensure that all passengers get equal speed and the service doesn't slow down any time, with too many users using it at once and also with a view that commuters usually do not stay for more than an hour at the station. 

LiFi tested and its 100 times faster than WiFi

Well, we all know WiFi. With WiFi you have the ability to connect to the internet without having to be wired to a connection. It allows computers, mobile phones, ipads, game consoles, and many other devices to communicate over a  high-frequency radio signal. Accessing WiFi is synonym to accessing internet.

What is LiFi ? How does LiFi work ?
Simply put, WiFi uses high-frequency radio signal to transfer data, LiFi transmits data using light, yes using off-the-shelf LEDs and that too 100 time faster. The technology was first discovered by Professor Harald Haas in 2011 of the University of Edinburgh. Li-Fi uses light to beam information through the air, all we need to do is fit a small microchip to every potential illumination device and this would then combine two basic functionalities: illumination and wireless data transmission.

Is it the next big thing and really better than WiFi?
With speeds of 1GBps, this technology could enable a high-definition film to be downloaded in seconds. So this technology has the potential to revolutionize how we access internet, and how the internet of things would connect in future. Check out the below video explaining LiFi a bit in detail.

When would LiFi be used by masses to access internet?
Before mass adoption of Li-Fi can be realized, techniques need to be developed to retrofit current devices with the technology. It is very difficult to create a whole new infrastructure for Li-Fi so they need to integrate LiFi system with the current system.


An all in one taxi service app now in India

This could be a must have free app for all smartphone users in Indian cities. A lot of people keep apps for various app-based taxi services. This come handy and is useful at peak hours or during festival
time, when taxi availability is less, and there's a surge in prices due to the demand.

Customers often check on various apps, to get the best price and to check for actual cab availability. These multiple app might be of Uber, Ola , TaxiForSure, Tabcab etc. What if you can actually track cab availability irrespective of it being of Ola, Uber, Tabcam and also provide you a list of local taxi service providers in the vicinity.

Well its made possible by one app called the 'Loco' app. With a smartphone and the Loco app, finding a cab has never been so much easier! Find the nearest cabs, choose your ride and you are good to go. Your ride Your way...

Loca App available for Android phones - Click here

Loca App available for Windows phones - Click here

Does Google record all your website passwords?

Creating passwords that are both safe and memorable get harder and harder as we have to memorize
more and more.

Nowadays with various sites asking to register only via a stronger/complex password its getting worse.

How often do you forget the password to a website which you do not regularly visit.
Well here is a quick feature provided by Google which actually records all your passwords. Don't trust me ??
Click the below button to try it for yourself.

If you need more details of this actual Google feature, please post a comment below.