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An App to view Indian Cities like never before

Wonobo, the India's street map view provider recently added more Indian cities to its list. When Wonobo was launched its website it just had 5 major Indian cities, now it covers 14 Indian cities in total.

The company says it will soon be expanded to 54 cities across India and add businesses and marketers eventually. Genesys International Corporation the company who manages the website recently also launched its mobile app for Android.

The WoNoBo App makes it possible for Indians to share aspects of their lives in a manner that simply hasn’t been possible before. Its the first and the only 360 degree view service on the mobile platform. Guides and Walking Tours are also being launched in partnership with the Government of India, as a part of the Incredible India campaign.

Features of WoNoBo app includes

1. Option to share places of importance with family and friends
2. Explore Indian streets from the comfort of your armchair
3. Step inside the Taj Mahal, Elephanta Caves and other heritage sites
4. Walk through hotels and shopping malls with extensive interior views

Download the free WoNoBo App for Android from Google Play

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