Xiaomi MiPad - Brief Review

Xiaomi recently has announced that the long awaited Mi Pad Tablet. The MiPad has a 7.9-inch Sharp display with an eye-popping resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels and a pixel density of 324 ppi. It uses Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for protection.

The device is powered by a 2.2 GHz NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor with 192-core Kepler GPU and runs on Android-based MIUI ROM optimized for tablets. It is paired with 2GB of RAM.

The device has an 8MP rear camera with a Sony BSI sensor along with a 5MP front-facing camera. It has an internal storage of 16GB and can be further expanded up to 128GB via microSD card.

In India, the tablet will be available for purchase exclusively on Flipkart starting March 24 and won't require any registration on the customer's part.

In terms of connectivity, the device supports WiFi 802.11/b/g/n/ac Dual Band (2X2 MIMO) and Bluetooth. The device is powered by a 6,700 mAh battery and is available in Black, White, Red, Blue, Green and Yellow colour variants. The tablet measures 135.4 x 202.1 x 8.5mm and weighs 360 grams.

Xiaomi Mi 4i now in India - A Quick Review

Xiaomi has recently launched a new smartphone,in India, the Mi 4i, at the Global Mi phone premiere event in New Delhi.

Xiaomi came to the Indian market only in mid 2014 started out with the Xiaomi Mi 3, a phone with high-end specifications, at a price almost half from the competators with similar specifications.

The Mi 4i is dual-SIM smartphone and powered by a 2nd generation 64-bit Snapdragon 615 SoC. Xiaomi Mi 4i's runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system.

Xiaomi Mi 4i offers 2GB of RAM and 16GB of on-board memory.The company has also added the ‘sunlight display’ technology on the Mi 4i. It can also adjust the brightness of the photos appropriately. Its 13MP rear camera offers f/2.0 aperture and dual tone flash.

It can capture a high-resolution image, which is 30 per cent more power efficient. Check out the brief review below on Xiaomi Mi 4i by Android Authority

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Now it’s India’s turn to fight for net neutrality

Understanding net neutrality or what is net neutrality ?

Telecom operators/ISPs are access services providers, and can control either how much you access,
what you access, how fast you access and how much you pay to access content and services on the Internet. This is against net neutrality.

So people who support net neutrality beleive..
All sites must be equally accessible
The same access speed at the telco/ISP level for each (independent of telco selection)
The same data cost for access to each site (per KB/MB).

Why this debate in India now ?

On 27 March 2015, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) put up on its website a consultation paper in a quiet unannounced manner. The said consultation paper is titled “Consultation Paper On Regulatory Framework for Over-the-top (OTT) services”.

The said consultation paper was drafted in a manner wherein lot of questions was sought to be asked from specific perspectives. The said paper has since now been known in the public domain as Net Neutrality Consultation Paper of TRAI.

How is it Globally and in the US ?

US President Barack Obama came in support of Net Neutrality, urging the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to implement the strongest possible rules to protect net neutrality and ensure that “neither the cable company nor the phone company will be able to act as a gatekeeper, restricting what you can do or see online”.

How can I in India support net neutrality ?

Log onto http://www.savetheinternet.in to email to TRAI 
Here is a funny video by AIB.. explaining