How to use WhatsApp from your computer

With a recent enhancement on Whatsapp, one can now use Whatsapp on a computer. The new service makes it possible for a user to link a website accessible only through Google's Chrome browser to his or her WhatsApp account. You can now use the WhatsApp messenger on your Mac or Windows PC provided you have the WhatsApp app running on a mobile phone that is not an iPhone.

If you are using a Chrome browser then follow the below steps:-

1. Visit in Chrome.

2. Follow the instructions to pull up the WhatsApp Web QR code scanner on your mobile device.

(The method for launching this section of the app is a different based on the platform you're using, but directions are listed just under the QR code.)

3. Scan the QR code and watch as your conversations magically appear in your browser.

Going forward, anyone who has access to your computer will be able to pull up your WhatsApp conversations as long as you remain logged in