Wonobo - India's Google Street Map

Wonobo did what Google could not so far. Wonobo launched a free service which provides a 360-degree street view of various cities in India. While Google is struggling to roll out its Street View project in India.

The service is available online at Wonobo.com and it seems to be a most impressive and promising product start-up in India. Its key feature is the 360-degree street view giving a map on the left side of the screen and street view on the right.

The feature also makes it is possible to toggle between the full view of the map and the street view being zoomed. Cities covered: 54 cities of India, which covers 70% of the urban economy of India. However, in the beginning, 12 cities are being launched, and 20 more being launched a few weeks later.

WoNoBo.com has also tied up with Incredible India, Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, for the launch of ‘Walking Tours’, a product that will enable users to navigate and route their way through cities based on a number of themes.

Here is a quick video of how this service works - Welcome to Mumbai

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Amazon Fire Phone vs. iPhone 5s vs. Galaxy S5

Amazon recently unveiled its highly-anticipated Fire Phone recently. The phone comes equipped with four front-facing 3D cameras that help enable its "dynamic perspective" head-tracking features. Now this add to the competition for Apple and Samsung.

So i did some research on the comparison of features of Fire Phone. iPhone 5s and Galaxy S5.

So am sharing a .pdf file with detailed comparison of design, display, audio, interface, apps, camera quality and overall scorecard

Here is a detailed face off  

Google Car, soon on its way to markets

Google is currently working on self driving car project and now has few functional prototypes. One of the
prototype gaining more popularity. It is the one which is a two seater and has no steering wheel inside. It actually does not have any brakes or accelerator pedals. What all it has is a start and a stop button and a location map on a screen.

So how fast can it go ? Well it has crossed the speed of 25mph as of now and is actually self driven by the sensors and the on board computer system.

Here's a video of the first drive of the Google car, actually tested by general public.

The front end of the vehicle is designed to be safer for pedestrians, with a soft foam-like material where a traditional bumper would be, and a more flexible windscreen, which may help reduce injuries.

Google also says that the cars can detect objects up to 200 yards away in all directions and adjust their speed, turns and braking accordingly. Four states in the US -- California, Nevada, Florida and Michigan -- currently now allow self-driving vehicles on their roads as long as a human driver is behind the wheel at all times.

[Update : 8th July 2015 ] - Google Cars now on roads of Texas

Sending Rakhi made easy on Flipkart

Choosing a unique Rakhi to symbolize your love for your brother is easy thanks to Flipkart's wide range of online Rakhi's. From Disney themed Rakhi's to more elaborate enamel beaded Rakhi's, there's plenty for you to choose. Choose from a wide range of collection from brands such as Aapno Rajasthan, Ace Lifestyle, Alphaman, Anant, Besure, eCraftIndia, Little India, Ghasitaram Gifts and many more.

The Hindu festival of Raksha Bandhan celebrates the love and duty between brothers and sisters. Of late it has become popular in celebrating any brother-sister like relationship between men and women who are relatives, friends or not related by blood.

It is an ancient festival with many myths and historic legends surrounding it. On the day of the festival, sisters tie a Rakhi on her brother's wrist. This sacred act symbolizes the love and care that sister has for her brother and the lifelong vow to protect his sister.The festival is an occasion where cousins, distant relatives and friends celebrate the brother-sister bond. It brings together men and women of different religion and ethnic groups, stressing on love and peace amongst one another.

The Rakhi ritual is the most important ritual on Raksha Bandhan. Brothers and sisters are dressed in their best clothes and in the presence of family members the sister ties the Rakhi on her brother's wrist. Once the Rakhi is tied, an aarti is ritually rotated around the brother's face along with prayer and well wishes.

This is followed by applying tilak on the forehead of the brother. The brother vows to protect and take care of his sister under all circumstances followed by the sister feeding sweets to her brother.

If your brother happens to stay some place far from you in India, worry not as you can always send one across to him via Flipkart. Just be sure to give his address correctly. Flipkart provides fast delivery and safe and secure payment options like Net Banking, Credit/Debit Card and Cash on Delivery.