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India to implement stringent standards for mobile radiations

The Indian Government recently announced some new stringent norms for mobile towers. The implementation comes into effect immediately. These are as per the recommendations of the Inter-Ministerial Committee comprising of the Department of Telecom, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Environment and Forests, Department of Biotechnology, and Indian Council of Medical Research set up in August 2010 for studying radiation from cellular towers and mobile handsets.

 The new regulations makes India one among the few countries in the world to have very stringent Electromagnetic Frequency Radiation Standards. In the interest of public health, the Indian standards are now 10 times more stringent than over 90 per cent of the countries.

 The EMF exposure limit for Base Station Emissions has been lowered to one tenth of the existing level. To ensure that these norms are followed, Telecom Enforcement Resource and Monitoring will conduct random audits of the self certification furnished by the service providers.

Non-compliance of these EMF standards will result in a penalty of Rs 5 lakh per tower, as per the Indian Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal.

On mobile handsets, the specific absorption rate (SAR) value will now be 1.6 watts/kg averaged over one gram of human tissue. Previously, the SAR value for handsets was 2 watts/kg measured over 10 grams of human tissue.

Mobile users have also been advised to use headset (bluetooth, wired) to keep mobile away from their body. They should also limit the length of calls and make more use text messaging.

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