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Best web tool to record your screen

This is one of the best web-based screen recording tool i have ever come across, it enables you
to capture your computer screen as video without any software installs or any software downloads.

This free web based screen recording tool makes it incredibly easy to record a screencast and also share it instantly with your friends via your social networking pages.

The web based tool is called the ScreenR. It can not only video record your screen but supports voice record via your system mic. Follow few simple steps and you have done it.

Steps involved to record you screen are -

1. Go to
2. Launch the screen recorder to capture the computer screen (upto 5 min).
3. Login to publish the video online
4. This video can also be downloaded on your syatem.

Here is a quick video demo on how Screenr works

If you want to create a simple and straight forward video tutorial… it would be hard to find a better and simple tool then Screenr. Try and share us your feedback
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