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PC to Phone Free Call Now Available

Don't waste a single penny and make free call to countries like Australia, Canada, China, India, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, the UK* and the USA absolutely free. A Christmas and New year bonanza by a major voip provider. The service is provided by PennyTel which is one of Australasia's best Broadband Phone service providers.

All you have to do is complete a free registration and validate your email. Then after login you have to click on the PennyTel Softphone option (see below screen) at the left bottom side of the page. A dailer would load... Thats it.. You dial you calling number with the country code and connect

I registered myself for the service and have been using their softphone to make calls. The call quality (using the softphone is good) and call lasts for as long as you want to talk. So try it to believe it. Vistit

In case you already have a softphone application on your system, you can configure the settings as per PennyTel SIP and make free calls from there.. if you need some help in config, feel free to email me/ or leave a comment below.

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