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The unhackable PlayStation 3 has finally been hacked

Yes thats true, the unhackable PlayStation 3 has finally been hacked, this means that you will be able to play PS3 games without using original disks. This is possible if you have a ModChip which is a USB device and is called 'PS Jailbreak'.

This modchip is now available for pre-order and soon would be available in global markets . Though it will give you the freedom to play without original games disks, you have to shell out a cool $169 to get your hands on this modchip.

This chips can be bought online via, OzModChips is a Melbourne based business that imports and sells modchips directly to the consumer and in bulk to businesses. Once you have it in hand you can easily plug it into your PS3 and install it using instructions which can be downloaded from the product website.

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