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Google Introduces Free Phone Call Service via Gmail

On Wednessday Google introduced its free phone call service within its Gmail service. Currently calling to any United States and Canada landline or mobile/cell number is absolutely free and for other countries the rates are at the lowest.

How low ? well, real low here is an example - If you are using a conventional voice-over-Internet-Protocol calling plan or Skype Call service a call to Argentina - Buenos Aires per min would cost you $ 0.21 where as the same call via Google costs $0.02. You can see the whole comparision chart at skype and the call rates from Google.

Rates from Skype Vs Rates from Google (or the detailed rate list)

If you have a Google Voice account, the other person will see that number in their caller ID. You can also answer their calls from within Gmail; an incoming call will generate an alert in the bottom right corner of the Gmail window, which you can click to answer.

If you don't have a Voice account, the other party will see a special number Google has set up, 760-705-8888. Calls to that yield a message advertising the new Gmail feature.

So go ahead and try the free phone calling option from Goolge and do share your views below

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