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Quick tools to test your internet speed

Many of the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) continue to describe their services in terms of kilobits (kbps), rather than using kilobytes (KBps) or megabytes (MBps).

This makes it easy for potential customers to compare transfer rates against their existing dial-up modems.

A dial-up modem is capable of speeds close to 56 kbps, line noise, network traffic and other interference can cut data transfer speed significantly. Under the best circumstances, a 56 kbps modem will generally operate at about 53 kbps or 6 KB/sec. Below are some conversions that might help when looking at high-speed ISP.

Understanding kbps will no doubt become handy in determining the best value for your money when switching ISPs.

Also there are some new quick tools which could help to check your actual connection speed. Testing your connection will tell you if you are getting the speed promised by your Internet service provider.

1. : This is a free broadband speed analysis tool that allows anyone to test their Internet connection. During an online speed test the website will send your computer a file and then measure how long it takes to download. It performs three key measurements checks to determine the overall quality and performance of your Internet connection. Click here to open the html page.

2. : Use to determine the quality of your broadband Internet connection. Streaming media, voice, video communications, and online gaming require more than just raw speed. Test your connection now to get your rating and share the result with others.

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SharonHill said…
You can also check your internet speed through Simply go to the site and type speedtest: and click the web search button.
Vengadachalam T said…
Nice sharing!!!
There are many places to test the speed of the Internet Connection,you can check the Internet speed at here Scanmyspeed also,i have tested my speed at
there.My Downloading speed is 1.718Mbps Uploading speed is 0.822Mbps..In ScanmySpeed does not use Flash, Java or any external programs/add-ons to run these speed tests; it uses javascript, a component thats always present on your browser to check your browsing speed.
johny anderson said…
That is the great information here. If our service provider does not provide internet speed test facility then these type of tools are really very important.

Check Internet Speed
Rishil Babu said…
Thanks for sharing..