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Intel releases its 6 core processor

Intel recently announced it’s 6 core Xeon high performance processors which is based on it’s 45 nm process technology and is code named 7400 based on the Dunnington core, which is the last of the Penryn series. Intel designed the new Xeon processor for medium ranged companies for mostly data centers and Virtual Machines.

Xeon provides increased scalability and memory resources as well as greater reliability for data centers. These initial chips will be designed for Servers and not Desktops.

Intel’s Xeon quad-core offerings have already eroded AMD’s server market share. Part of the problem has been AMD’s inability to deliver it’s Barcelona quad core processor on time due to technical snags.

Some of the vendors already announcing Xeon 7400 servers include Sun Microsystems, HP, Dell, IBM, and Unisys. But what has this got to do with the average customer? Well nothing really, except don't be surprised to see 6 core desktop variants maybe as soon as next year.
Pricing for this Xeon® 7000 sequence processors in quantities of 1,000 ranges from $856 to $2,729.

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