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Now access blocked websites via your email

Legendum Ltd recently released a free service that could send websites right into your inbox with the URL as subject title. The process itself is also very simple and easy.

To request a delivery of a web page, send an email to with the address of the web page you want to view as the subject of your email message.

For example an email with the subject "" would request the AskWiki website. You should receive a reply within 5 minutes. You may also choose the delivery time and frequency - daily, weekly, or on a particular day of the month.

So if you only have access to your email and other websites are restricted in your office then this free tool can very much come handy. here is the link to try out the free service. By the way... there are few more methods to view restricted websites through your office firewall, email me for some tips.. also if you have some methods do post them in my comments below.

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