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China showcasing its technological advancement to the world

The motto for the 2008 Olympics is "One World, One Dream". The motto seeks to lift up the vision of world harmony. The Beijing Olympics took seven years in the planning and cost a record-breaking $40billion to stage. China is rightly taking this opportunity to showcase its technological advancement to the world.

Here are few things that got to my attention.

Chinese Weather Planners:
China wants to direct rainfall away from the Olympic venues by seeding clouds with silver iodide pellets. Scientifically this works or not is not yet proved as yet, but this would the right time for Chinese weather planners to test.

China's goal is to pre-empt usual summer showers before the opening ceremonies or reduce the size of water droplets in clouds to delay storms. Only time would show if Weather modification is still a hit-or-miss technology,

Driver less Train:
China has made large investments in transport systems throughout Beijing to ease the way for the 3 million spectators who will pour into the city for the Olympics. Two subway lines and a driverless rail system, which runs both above and below ground comes to the rescue.

The 28-km rail link between Beijing Capital International Airport and the Dongzhimen subway station. The express train features the driverless operation using the Advanced Rapid Transit technology from Canada's Bombardier.

This driverless trains run 62.5 miles per hour making the entire journey from the Beijing airport to the center of the city only 16 minutes. They can carry 4,500 passengers an hour.

RFID Olympics Tickets:
Radio frequency identification technology is taking care of ticketing for the estimated 3 million athletes, journalists, and spectators. These 13.56-MHz HF RFID chips is linked to a remote database, designed primarily to combat counterfeits, facilitate check-in, and so on. Chinese local authorities will also be using an RFID-based food management system to maintain close tabs on food production, processing, and deliveries.

LEDs used at venues:
CREE Inc. is providing about 440,000 LEDs to illuminate the exterior of the Water Cube, where water-sport events will be held. Contractors for the Beijing Olympics found LEDs a more colorful and lower power route to lighting up their creations.

Way to go China...

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