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Your confidential data can be compromised on a public computer

What if somebody is monitoring all you activities on your computer ? What if he/she gets control of all your confidential data, like your logins/passwords or PIN of your online bank account ? Well the threat is very much real.

Keylogger softwares if installed on a computer it can monitor all the activities on it. The Keylogger will record every single character typed and have it save to a text file. It also tracks what application are launched, sent emails, the visited websites, and save information typed in the forms. These keyloggers could put your valuable and confidential information at risk. So if you are using a public computer via an internet cafe, library computer or airport lounge computer the threat becomes more real.

Now let me talk about the keylogger software. If somebody needs to hack your valuable information or your user login / password, all they would do is install an invisible software on the public computer, and when i say invisible.. its invisible for for CTRL+ALT+DEL (Windows 98/Me/NT/Win2k/WinXP), invisible in Windows Explorer, invisible in msconfig, so it becomes more difficult for the victim to know if he is being monitored.

Although keylogger softwares would be dangerous on public computers for misuse, this might be useful at home PCs where small kids can me monitored on their web habits. This is one of the simplest and readily available software, Family Keylogger. The other one being Powered Keylogger.

Now let me talk about the keylogger hardware. An easily available one in the market, its the USB Keyboard Keylogger. Its small, easy to install, its installed between your keyboard connection and system CPU. Once installed it can track and record all keystrokes in it's internal memory. These keystrokes can later be retrieved using any text editor. Which means you confidential data can be compromised.

However a physical inspection of the computer would help you to trace out any keylogger hardware. These hardware may soon become a challenge in schools and offices as these devices getting very affordable and widely available in markets.

However all said an done... here the challenge is... all these keyloggers are difficult to be traced. Does that mean no one should even access even their email account via a public computer ? Well not exactly... there is a method by which you can trick a keylogger. Any guess ?? post in your guess via comments. or if you would like to know how. email/post me your email id with subject:Keylogger hack. and i would respond..

Happy reading..

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