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A simple IP Messenger to communicate via LAN network

Instant messenger has always been very useful to communicate between friends and colleagues over the internet. In the past we had to install softwares like the yahoo messenger or the Gtalk or the MSM messenger, then they became imbeded in the websites (Yahoo messenger inside your browser), so no more installation on your systems.

Although these tools are helpful, but many employers or companies does not allow interacting via internet messenger as this would employess open to interact with friends or people outside the organisation, thus unproductive time. So even if you want to communicate on some official stuff to you colleague within the organisation, you can either call or drop in a email.

Well there is an alternative option which is designed to work over an office network rather than the Internet. Its called the IP Messenger which would help you keep everyone in your organisation in touch. This tool allows you to chat on LAN or network with other people if they are using the same software. The software itself is very simple and light.

Free to download and it take less than a minute to install. It also allows file and folder transfer along the network. So install it and it easy to message via LAN network. The tool also supports languages like Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese.

Link to download : Download IP Messenger

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