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Find Mp3 files using a simple search engine

There are times when you want to listen to a particular music track and then you go to google and search for it. If its mp3 that you are looking for and if are not aware of the google mp3 finder trick, then chances are you might not those mp3 files so easily. And one of the biggest frustrations with iTunes is that we need a credit card to download songs.

But this simple mp3 aggregator does the trick it can be used for finding free mp3s online. This is really free and its now one of my favourite mp3 finder. The Web is full of free music, and BeeMP3 is intent on helping you find it. The site features an easy to use interface that allows you to search open directories and FTP servers for music that you can download with a single click.

They don't host any files - their crawler searches through the Net and indexes all the brand new and popular songs for Your comfortable and fast search. Today they have 800 000 mp3 files in their search database and approximately 10000 files are added daily.

Click here to visit the Check out this site.. and post in your view/reviews. Also if you have any better alternative to search mp3s online.

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Anonymous said…
I use this great engine: it uses 24 mp3 search engines. BeeMP3 included!
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