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How to View Orkut scrap as RSS feeds

Orkut from Google is one of the most popular social networking site and is widely used by many all around the world and especially in India. Orkut is quite popular for scrapping which means leaving short messages on your friends scrapbook. Also you could check out your friends scrapbook, albums, videos, etc.. Its one of the best ways of keeping in touch with friends and family. Now we could get one step further you can now view orkut scraps as RSS feeds, ie., read your (or anyones) orkut scrap with out loging in to orkut via a feed reader or a RSS reader (i would recommend Heres how to go about it.

1. Login to your orkut account, then go to your scrapbook.
2. Copy the uid number from the address bar. eg.. If your URL is then 23324521232134466 is your uid.
3. Now to convert this scrapbook to an RSS feed file go
(where instead of xxxxxxxxxxxxx type in your uid... in this case it would be 23324521232134466)
4. Now copy the complete URL ie., ( and subscribe via any of your RSS reader, like, Google reader, Yahoo reader or Feedburner etc.

You could also keep track of others scrapbook by using their uid instead of yours... so sit back and be in touch..
By the way if you find this tip useful do put in your comments below.. or leave me a scrap via orkut

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Anonymous said…
Thank for the detailed info. though have not tried it.
Dost bataya nahi mujhe yaar !!! i didnt know ... good stuff !!
Roy said…
Hi... I am not a techie so was unable to view the scraps on an orkut profile.. I did not understand how to go ahead with point 4... can u help please. mail me on
Pepperfry [CPS] IN PizzaHut [CPS] IN