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Yahoo now has its own social networking website

Yahoo is the newest entry into the social network space. In a recent announcement it released Yahoo Mash, its own version of social networking tool. Mash combines popular features from lots of other social networks.

As with MySpace users can add their own backgrounds and color schemes to totally change the readability and speed of their pages.

And like Wikipedia, The most interesting part of the Mash model is that, by default, your friends can edit your pages. Not just write on your wall, but really get in there and rearrange vital organs. Someone added a custom RSS feed (Webware, of course) to my page, for example. I returned the favor by putting a picture of a Mars Attacks action figure on his background.

As with Facebook, here user gets a library of modules that users can add to their pages. These modules include RSS, Flickr, and of course, a “Mash Pet.” Mash is looking to compete head-to-head with Facebook in particular. Facebook can be attributed to two key components: the news feed and the developer platform. Yahoo took notice of this and incorporated similar features into Mash. “Pulse” is the term used to described Mash’s version of the news feed. In addition, users of this new social network can customize their profile with individual. One deviations from Facebook include the ability to edit other people’s profile pages, as well as some level of layout customization.

For big media companies, social networks are like lawyers. Everybody has one.. hehe

Will Yahoo's Mash become a Facebook killer?.. only time will tell
For more info, visit the Mash Blog

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