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Video sharing site pays out 1 million Dollars

One of the best and the first video sharing service which offers a rev-share model with content creators, recently announced that it has paid one million dollars to video creators and sharers.This also coincides with the site’s one-year anniversary. Here is the official update on the Revver Blog.

Thousands of people have been using Revver to earn money, sharing videos online to bring in extra dollars. Today, Revver remains unique in the marketplace. Matching every video uploaded- whether professional or amateur- with an advertisement, Revver splits the ad revenue 50/50 with the video’s creator and shares twenty percent off the top with the video’s distributor. You can refer my previous article on the service provided by Revver

Revver has also benefited from the popularity of videos like the infamous Pepsi and Mentos experiment, and several indie directors and film creators. By the here is my favorite Revver video.

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