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A 39 megapixel for professional photographers

Hasselblad, a Scandinavian company recently launched the latest line of its high end H3D-II digital SLR full frame camera, a 39-megapixel model, the H3D-39II. Also debuting are the H3D-31II and the H3D-22II with 31 and 22 megapixels, respectively. It has full digital lens line and the choice of 22, 31 or 39Mp capture units using CCD image sensors up to 48 x 36 mm – the largest currently available and more than twice the size of even the largest 35mm camera sensors – the H3D-II now has a large, bright 3in display, which affords both improved viewing of captured images and lower power consumption.

Hasselblad A/S has developed, manufactured and delivered the very best in high-end camera systems for over 50 years. Hasselblad continues to pursue its founder’s philosophy of combining the most advanced technology available with a passion for photography to give professional photographers the best possible tools to capture the best possible images.

The H3D-II is available immediately worldwide through Hasselblad’s national subsidiaries and channel partners with a retail price of €26,500 ($34,000) for the H3D-39II, €21,500 ($27,000) for the H3D-31II, and €17,900 ($25,000) for the H3D-22II, excluding tax.

Heres a video on the basic features..

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