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Capturing flash files to your system in easy steps

How many times have you come across a beautiful flash greeting card or a flash animated file on the internet? Lately many online gaming sites also use Flash to make their games more interactive and user friendly. Did you know you can download these flash files on your computer very easily. If you use internet explorer or firefox or opera, here is a simple method that does the trick..

For Internet Explorer users: (also for Opera users)
1. Play the complete flash file online.
2. Under 'Tools' menu go to 'Internet Option' and then 'General' Tab click the Settings button available in the Temporary Internet Files group
3. Here click the Settings button available in the temporary internet files group.
4. And now click view files to open your temporary internet files folder. Every file you opened through your browser is save here (by default)
5. Click View - Details. now click view - Arrange icons by - internet address. Depending upon the webpage, there could one or more Flash files (Shockwave Flash Object) under the mentioned internet address.
6. Once you find the right flash file, right-click and choose Copy. Then paste the swf file in any other directory.
7. So this files can be opened by your browser offline as well

For Fiefox users:
1. Play the complete flash file online.
2. On your Firefox go to 'Tools' >> Page Info and go to 'Media Tab' on the page info windows
3. The media tab has a complete list (with preview) of Images, Shockwave Flash files that were downloaded by the Firefox browser.
4. Scroll down the list and locate your required swf file.
5. Click the "Save As" button to save the file on our system.
6. So this files can be opened by your browser offline as well
7. Firefox extentions are available to make this procedure even simpler

So next time you come across a interesting flash file online and want to download it, follow this simple steps and there you have the file.

Please do post you views/experiences/challenges to be shared to all readers

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SoftZilla said…
SWF Catcher Addon will also do the trick. You Can Download SWF Files form IE & Firefox with a Click of a Button
ck said…
how can i play the .swf file in my windows is there any software applicable for the task.. for i can view the video..

Rishil said…
If you have IE 6 or above installed in your system then open the .swf file by IE. It should play. Let me know the outcome.. TC
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