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Methods of sharing huge size files online

Lately i came across a situation where i had to share a big video file (75MB after ziping) to one of my friend abroad. I was confident that i could either use Gmail or Yahoo service to send the zip file accross, but to my surprise both this services failed it had 10MB email attachement limitation.. Even some other prominent file hosting services had restriction of 10MB to 20MB restriction. I then googled for some possible solution on the internet, and found two options. 1. To split the file, make it smaller in size and then attach and send. 2. Use premimun file hosting services to transfer the huge files.

I was able to find many video splitter/ file splitter software, but to add to my surprize all of them had restrictions... in terms of time to split or to save or to buy the software to save the file, some ran its logo on the video. I was very dissapointed. But I came across this TOTALLY free software which made my day. This is a simple, easy to use freeware utility that helps the user split huge files into chunks of small sizes that can be recombined at ease to retrieve the original file. Moreover you needn't have the File Splitter for the re-combination.

The software is nourished with a variety of split options and provides an attractive and friendly GUI that makes the user feel at home. Go for this simple yet powerful utility - after all it's only a 9Kb download. Heres the linka to download the software.
Mirror Link 1 , Mirror Link 2

Large file hosting services sites like Rapidshare, Megaupload or Yousendit lets you upload files on the web upto a few hundred MBs. Gigasize is a new entrant that lets you send files upto 1 GB in size. You can again apply the splitter rule here so even if the file size exceeds the 1 GB limit, split it into smaller chunks and then upload them.

Friends if you happen to know some easy way to share or send large files online, please share them by adding comments below

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