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World's smallest MP3 enabled mobile phone now in markets

The world's smallest in now available in the UK, yes.. this is the World's smallest GSM phone called the Haier elegance. Apart from it being tiny and sleek it also has a full functional build in MP3 player. Additional feature of this phone includes a FM tuner, Stereo Bluetooth, OLED display and Tri-Band GSM in addition to its regular features of games, alarm clock, calculator, calendar, text messaging, speed dial and USB 2.0 connectivity for transferring tracks and charging whilst on your computer.

It can hold over 250 MP3 Tracks via a Micro SD Expansion Slot and is complimented by a groovy 3D Full Colour Graphics Display. The Haier Elegance is small enough to nicely fit inside a Man's Jeans pocket and has a comparable size to a Female Lipstick case, making it ideal for a Females Evening Bag. The Haier Elegance is light weight at only 64g and 90.6 x 35.3 x 18.2mm in dimension.

Video Illustration below:

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