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New revolutionary browsing for Windows Mobile phones

Microsoft Live Labs recently announced the limited public availability of Deepfish, a preview of a technology that can be used to improve mobile browsing. Deepfish provides users of mobile phones or other small screen devices a full ‘as designed’ view of websites on their mobile device. Because the site looks as you would expect it to on your desktop, pages are easier to navigate than the typical experience with mobile browsers today.

Deepfish’s unique architecture retrieves the information needed for a particular view, significantly reducing that time to load. To optimize for faster load times, Deepfish takes a snapshot of the selected page reduced to fit on the mobile screen and sends that view to the mobile device.The interface lets people zoom in and out on the parts of a web page that interest them in an intuitive way, making it easy to use these large screen formatted pages on a mobile device.

With Deepfish, Microsoft is providing limited access to the technology preview on a first-come, first-serve basis. To experience Deepfish technology yourself, please:

Visit the site

More information on Deepfish is available here

To get download you must register here

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