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A clone of YouTube better then YouTube

This is a brand new video-sharing site where you can insert the url of a video you’d like to share, and get feedback from other users. One of the features on the site dubbed “Challenge” is aimed at holding contests to get the ranking of a video, and posting videos for the voting purpose. Anyone can commence the challenge. Also users can export the challenges to personal profiles on sites such as MySpace, Piczo etc. The site is crowdrules
So an obvious question would be if YouTube also has voting option whats so different about it in CrowdRules ? Well as per Crowrules, YouTube is just for fun and they have designed CrowdRules as a contest-oriented question and answer site with videos. The voting on YouTube and other video sites can be gamed, so the results aren’t reliable. By keeping the voting honest, CrowdRules allows people to get meaningful ratings and rankings on anything.

If you’d like to get more focused with the results you’re getting for videos on CrowdRules, you can create a “crowd” around a given video clip. It functions like a group, where sharing interesting things occurs with trusted friends whose opinions you value.

All in all, CrowdRules offers an interesting take on the consumption of online videos, actually CrowdRules lets anyone leverage the collective intelligence of the crowd. Even if you don’t participate within their community, it’s a pretty good place to find interesting videos without having to sludge through unnecessary clips.

One thing missing though is adding prize or gifts... nevertheless its a new take on the online video market.


Anonymous said...

dude...cant open this site....

Oussama said...

Same ..
[ wItHH ChOCOlAtE ! ]