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Latest anonymous BitTorrent downloads service

A company called SecureIX is offering a free VPN service which allows you to hide your IP address from peers in a BitTorrent swarm or P2P network. What SecureIX offers is a whole package of ’secure services’. An IMAP/POP SSL-enabled e-mail account with PGP encryption and 1 GB storage, Usenet newsgroup access, and an encrypted VPN service. All of this free for personal use. Not only that, the service also encrypts and tunnels your data, making it extremely difficult for your ISP to sniff or shape it.SecureIX launched last year with almost no hype surrounding it.

Even we only came to know of it recently. Why something so seemingly important went unnoticed, is unknown. Where SecureIX could really come in handy is if your ISP is blocking encrypted BitTorrent transfers. In Canada, Rogers is throttling all BitTorrent connections, encrypted or otherwise


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Anonymous said...

I have use secureix very good indeed,succesfully evade traffic shaping by my isp