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The fastesh digital SLR camera unveiled by Canon

The newly announced EOS-1D Mark III Digital SLR camera also happens to be the fastest digital SLR camera in the world. There are so many reason that make the EOS-1D Mark III Digital SLR camera from Canon a sure hit with professional photographers. High-speed cameras are useful for professional sports photographers and photojournalists who often need to take many quick shots in order to capture dramatic action shots. The difference between a slow camera and a quick camera can be the difference between a great shot and a dull one.

The EOS 1D Mark III also includes a live-view shooting mode. Live view enables users to more conveniently shoot a scene while watching the real time pictures on the 3-inch LCD screen

The Canon EOS-1D Mark III Digital is a 10.1 mega pixel SLR camera that employs the new Dual DIGIC III image processor engine. This technology makes it possible to fire huge motor-driven bursts of 110 Large JPEGs or 30 RAW files, providing just enough computational horsepower to perform parallel processing at a rate unmatched by any other digital SLR camera. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...


gate valves said...

yes., its insanely expensive as well. thats a dream camera for me.


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