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Yahoo! Music Video 3.0 beta now available

Those music hounds over at Yahoo! have set loose a new beta version of their music video player today. Video 3.0 should have wide appeal since it's built on Flash technology and is therefore both Firefox- and Mac-compatible. Another change is that you can basically do all your navigating within the pop-up video player, and it's a big improvement over the fairly poor navigation Yahoo offered before. Other abilities being touted are Ajax-oriented, like being able to drag and drop favorites onto a playlist (we couldn't get it to work in the video player, though it's easy enough to add videos to your queu without dragging and dropping). There's also a video recommendation option so that you can share your likes and dislikes.

We like the fact that Yahoo offers such a huge video of free music videos, and now that catalog is easy to search and navigate, too. Very nice. Link: Music Video

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Anna said…
I got the chance to see and use the Beta version of the new Yahoo! Music Player just after I read your post. Unfortunately, all the five videos I try to view say that that it can only be seen in some areas after a couple of commercials. Well... that’s really understandable… they’re in Beta. The look and feel of the page is still the same but with much better quality of videos and added cool features.
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