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Remote access to your PC from anywhere

This Free service lets you access your home pc from anywhere(ex;office). To activate it, you need to go to and

1. create logmein account
2. login to your account and add your computer through “Add Computer” option
3. install necessary free application for your PC
4. leave logmein running and PC connected to the web if you plan to acceess it from outside
5. sign in into your account on the from anywhere and remote access service should show your pc’s screen in the browser.
6. make sure to logout once you are done

As long as you are on braodband, it should perform smooth and without much delay. In addition to free option company also offers ‘logmein Pro’ which has more features but requires payment. If you want to check it out, a 30 day(or 120 minutes) free trial available as well. Pro version has following features;

* Remote access
* File Transfer: Easily move files between PCs
* Remote Printing: Lets you print remote documents locally
* File Share: Easily share large files
* Guest Invite: Lets you share your desktop for remote collaboration on some tasks
* File Sync : Synchronize files

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Anonymous said…
did anyone tested this already? any user experience/comments ??
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