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MySpace has finally gone mobile

Cingular Wireless and News Corp.'s MySpace social-networking Web site recently announced a service that will let Cingular subscribers access MySpace content on their cellphones.

If 2006 was the year of video, then 2007 will most likely be the year of mobile. But a lot of barriers still stand in the way (the carriers, compatibility across hundreds of devices), and it seems less likely that we will see the " YouTube of Mobile " - a startup that comes from nowhere to take the crown. Instead, we’re seeing launches like YouTube Mobile and MySpace Mobile - existing networks moving into the mobile domain.

The $2.99-a-month MySpace Mobile service will let Cingular users post photos, blog entries and comments to their MySpace pages, as well as send and receive email. Other MySpace hallmarks such as video, extensive graphics and advertising, won't be available.

The move shows how borders between the wireless Internet and the regular Internet are beginning to disappear as cellphones become mini entertainment devices, allowing users to take pictures, browse the Web, watch video and play music.

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