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Social Networking now on mobile phones

Web-based social networking is being embraced worldwide as the ultimate next-generation lifestyle tool, for the first time, Pitch brings all the benefits of personalised social networking to the mobile handset, a medium perfectly-suited to this phenomenon.

Pitch recently launched a new mobile entertainment community, funded entirely by advertising revenue and so free for its users. Features include instant messaging, photo and video upload and sharing, and an 'exciting new online community.

The service gives users their own unique PitchTag, allows them to build their own mobile home page, and gives them an inbox for sending and receiving messages. They can take part in real-time group chat, and create and join interest groups. The service works primarily over WAP, and Pitch say that the user only pays for data charges and so instant communication is significantly cheaper than sending a text through a network operator. Users must elect to receive up to 3 ads per week.

Now one could say that the mobile phone has taken next step in becoming the ultimate and indispensable social communication tool.

Pitch Entertainment Group is based in London and is a market leading provider of direct to consumer mobile phone entertainment, they provide mobile content in UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Australia, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands.
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