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Now make Skype Calls from any GSM cell phone

MobiGater is a new groundbreaking device that enables you to make Skype calls on your mobile phone without installing any software on your phone. If you make a lot of international calls the MobiGater can save you a lot here.

MobiGater is a Skype to GSM Gateway that connects via USB to a PC to connect to the Skype VOIP infrastructure. You need to get a SIM card for the MobiGater to make it work. Bulgarian based EURO DESIGN Ltd., the maker of the MobiGater recommends to get a SIM card with low rates on the same network as your mobile phone.

When making calls via Skype you still have to pay for the call to the MobiGater device.The elegant aspect of this solution is that you can use your mobile phone anywhere and make cheap Skype calls. The MobiGater comes in a personal use and a profession office version that also features a remote web configuration option. The MobiGater Plus sells for 199 Euro ($260) and the MobiGater Pro for 299 Euro ($391).

More details on the MobiGater site. ( )

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Anonymous said…
Don't do the same thing?

Aren't both limited to local usage? If you were to travel abroad, it would cost you an international phone call to use the service - very expensive

Truphone ( overcomes these problems by using Wi-FI wherever you are
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