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Listen to Music Online via Blogmusik – for free

Check out this extremely beautiful Flash based application!It will allow you to search for your favorite's song and listen to the music online. Free! Plus you'll navigate through the sound tracks in a familiar way, Like a virtual iPod

Also you can make and manage your playlists and listen to them later.

Share a song with your friends is very easy, you can simply pass on the link or e-mail it.I just love the layout of Blogmusik and I'm pretty please with the quality of the streaming. whoever build that application did a great job. Well done.

Hey Friends if you find some interesting sites like there do write it to us "Message to Editor " top right side of the page. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...


Anonymous said...

Could this site be accessed from Windows Mobile 2005?

Anonymous said...

I am using Windows Mobile 2005 and Adobe Flash player 7.0 for Pocket PC. Unfortunately I am not able to get Virtual IPOD image. Is the program meant to work with Mobile phone?

Anonymous said...

This website should work on Windows Mobile if you have the flash player for windows mobile. I can not confirm this though sorry.

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